Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige Review

Color: Beige. Overall Size : 50″W x 26″L x 72″H. Base Board Size : 28″W x 24″L. Size of Condo 1 : 20″W x 15″L x 11.5″H. Size of Condo 2 : 15″W x 12″L x 10″H. Top 3 Perches : 13.5″W x 13.5″L x 2.5″H. Number of Posts: 10. Number of Levels: 15. Posts covered by natural sisal rope. Covering Material: Faux Fur. Board Material: Wood. Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included.
  • Color: Beige
  • Overall Size: 50″W x 26″L x 72″H
  • Model Number: F2040-Beige
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Go Pet Club Cat Tree

 I read all the mixed magazines on this product and was hesitating to order it.  I am happy that I did at last.  The furnishings arrived 4 days aprés I ordered it.  The can was not beaten in top as I read reviewed others.  All the pieces were in the can also.  The directions were easy to understand.  It took me almost 45 minutes to complete the assembly.  I did not have boredom.  I read a lot of magazines of the stairway that does not work.  I did not have problem that the attach.Go Pet Club Cat Tree This is not at all aspen or.  If this business had these problems in the past they corrected them.  I noticed a weak odor but it feels as the glue.  This not is a strong odor, I believe that this is rope of stuck sisal on the posts.  My cats did not seem to be bothered by him.  The furnishings are not covered in to decorate but with a soft one to the thick hair as fabric.  This is completely pleasant and my cats immediatley began the friction everywhere it.  Usually I would recommend extremely this product.  I went shopping about to all the local suppliers of favorite animal and the online and compared prices and to the products and these furnishings is well the value that money spent. My cats like this!  I read a lot of the reviewed others and was a not very skeptical purchase it, but I am so happy that I bought this.  I have a 15 book the male cat that likes to sleep to the summit of no one this!  I have also a rubbish of five months old kittens that LIKE to play on this and using the scratch posts!  This not to be hard climb despite what the reviewed others say.  Yes, the directions are a little vague, but with a small patience, my husband and I this climbs in half an hour.  I am so happy with this purchase and can take another the one in the future!
 Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review
This is the condo of cat of murderer (not really).  Comes packed well, the assembly was quick and the small new one the loves.  In response to others having problems detaching themselves with that progressively, I was the adhesive one of dynamic and used construction (the liquid nails) everywhere I had a piece and an assembled screw.  I dare to say that it will never detach me.  Use abundant quantities, all tighten and not only you does well never knows that his was stuck also, but his rigid one as the hell- even with 2 cats that runs everywhere it.  We have raised it against a wall, therefore I cannot testify to how the stable that this would be the free just position but seems good and was good for the days of couple before we have it pushed of the environment of the piece.  For what the stores of favorite animal load for the smallest versions, and liberate 2 expeditions of day with the apogee- there is not just absolutely in a manner to do an error here. the assembly time- 30-45 minutes (with my portion of 8 years).  The click to look at this video Length:  :  0:22 Minima
 I put back to obtain one of these since a long time but with the divans all nine to come, I KNEW that I had to do it.  To my surprise that I did not have to split 2-300.00 to obtain a pleasant one l’un..  I have THREE cats and likes that this has TWO houses.  I was worred the manner one of the magazines said that it was some ugly yellow one as the color- Not then, his a pretty velvety cream as the rug and the cats took to him likes the fish to water:)  The husband it climbs in almost 30 minima, not the one “stripped the bolt”, it all went together sooo and feel well very strong.  Five stars, exactly.
To just obtained this “small” cat toy two days ago.  Although I lost my legs and am wheelchair limit, I could establish it in about an hour (15-30 minutes for someone not in a wheelchair, I would think).  I did a lot of research before buying this model – it seemed to have just bigger than other magazine and, since I am an Amazon member Essential, I could obtain the delivery of two days on a 70 packet pounds!  But to the true details – this thing is really strong and, in an important way, my of 7 months old cat became interested in him even as I it climbed.  For the passed two nights that it is dormie in the ‘the superior telephone booth’ and it keeps now all its toys huddle around the tree for that it can bring them of a level to the next one and game with them.  It the two magnet also of the “smiles” of hanging.  It is just a joy to look at the cheek this thing – this is absolutely the better toy of cat than I could have bought Cat Tree.
Strong, easily assembled and my cat likes it!  Will post magazine of photos and updated if necessary.  As I see it, this is one of the better one ‘scratchers of tree of cat’, etc. on the market and the expedition evaluates just cannot be beaten!  I received this item yesterday and the cats adopted it already as one of their favorite places in our house.  Even my 16 Vettel pounds can jump on and perchoirs without causing them to tremble.
The structure as a together was nevertheless a little trembles because it rests on the rug some becomes fluffy.  After placing the tree where the cats would like it, I localized a nail in the wall behind him and used a 6″ caret between the bottom of the plateforme of the environment and attached the tree to the nail.  Now, it is strong as a boulder and our 10 Monkeyface pounds and Vettel the two can jump everywhere it without the tremor it to all.
The critical others expressed some dismay on the stairway that adjusts not correctly and lack equipment.  I did not meet this problem to all.  It is important to note that there are 3 different sizes of vertical columns, and certain of the columns are furnished with the male nails slipped on and certain of them only have female sons.  It is vital to assure itself that you use the size and the just types of column as leader in the instructions.  It took me almost 15 minutes to assemble unity, and again 5 minutes to localize a nail and the attach to the wall.
The velvet cover solidly is attached and we count it will be easy to clean with an emptiness.  Only the external surfaces and the summits of the plateformes are covered; the walls in the compartments are nude MDF.  This does not seem to bother the cats to all.
The hanging toys are attached through the clasps with the thin rubber bands, as any custodian of cat would foresee, they have a half life measured in the minutes before being pulled out by the mischievous cats.
We are happy that we obtained this for our cats, and the kittehs informed us that they are happy with him also.  Considering the price point, this is a fantastic market.  We have four cats and all four love it. It was easy to assemble and very sturdy as the cats love to fight on it. We have had it for almost a week and both mice are still attached which we thought would be gone after only 24 hours. For the price this cat tree is well worth it.
When I obtained this cat tree, I had five adult cats.  Sadly, I have since lost one of them (the long disease), but all five cats like (d) this cat tree.  I had some cats that were not capable to jump very high, but they can use the cat tree climb the summit of my shelves, therefore now they have access to more hiding/sleep the spaces, that are pleasant.  A lot time, they will sleep just on the highest plateformes.Cat Tree  My current four cats spread in the about weight 9 books to a little more than 13 books, and this cat tree is strong with each of them, without taking account of which plateformes they s’asseyent themselves on.  I had this for maybe a year and a half, and all the parties always are intact and feels assured.  The entire thing is a not very heavy one but I could slip it out without the assistance when I needed to pass at the vacuum cleaner behind him.  (I could not take the can that it arrived in, and had to open it on the front threshold and removes pieces.  Consider itself warned).
The assembly took maybe an hour to complete; I had the assistance of another person.  (It can could have been quicker but the cats “helped”.)  The tools that were demanded were the thing kinds (for example the screwdrivers) that the average person is probably already to possess.  There was a weak odor of sticks but that dispersed in some days in a well ventilated piece.  The directions were easy to follow and all the pieces were in the packet (nothing not lacking).  The color is not the most appealing one in the world (I obtained the beige the one), but visionary as I have a hand collection-me-the down furnishings in any case, I also was not concerned to equal setting.  This is without any very easy doubt to clean fabric if your cat should arrive to fall sick.  (Place blow clarifyes the disorders to right in top). In View the price of furnishings of cat to the local stores of favorite animal, this is an excellent matter, also.  I saw the cat a lot trees smaller turns for more of $200.
This is the best thing I have bought my cats they just love it this product is very sturdy as I have 2 25 lb cats and it doesn’t move and you cant compare the price its awesome

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